Tool and Die Maker

Company Name:
Job Description
ASCO Numatics, a business unit of Emerson Industrial Automation, is currently seeking a Tool and Die Maker in Aiken, South Carolina.
The responsibilities for this job is to build, repair and maintain blank and progressive dies. jigs, and work fixtures, as well as screw machine tooling and welding. Maintain tooling, (cutting, grinding, and other) in optimal. Use complicated drawings and specifications and advanced shop mathematics.
Job Requirements
1. Safety is the primary responsibility of each employee. Obey all safety rules and make safety an integral part of each task. Stop work if continuing is unsafe or will create an unsafe condition.
2. Plan, layout, and perform bench and machine operations to construct, and repair tools, dies, fixtures, gauges, and miscellaneous machine parts.
3. Work from drawings and specifications.
4. Use a wide variety of precision measuring instruments.
5. Assume responsibility for quality of workmanship as well as quantity of production.
6. Perform other duties as directed by supervisor.
7. Perform close and exacting bench and assembly operations to fit, align, calibrate, time, and finish work.
Job ID : EIA-00000857
Country : United States
State/Province : South Carolina
City : Aiken
Publish Start Date : Feb 26 2014
Job Level : Entry Level

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